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Symbiotics NewsWatch #213, 05 June 2012

Jun. 05Sowing Sustainable Finance: Making Rural Inclusion a Priority
We have made a lot of progress toward financial inclusion, especially when it comes to cities. Walk into most major cities in low-income countries, and you will probably find outlets of banks and microfinance institutions that lend to virtually all who qualify as economically active with a viable business model and of credible character.But that is only 28 percent of the story.
Source: Center for Financial Inclusion Blog
Jun. 01Russia: SME funding - Building a New Russia
Many of Russia's fastest growing companies, from supermarkets to rail freight operators, have been set up in the past decade. But despite this, finding the capital to grow remains a challenge.
Source: Wermuth Asset Management
Jun.01Invest Africa Launches the First Micro Credit Venture Capital Platform Dedicated to the African Continent 
Invest Africa recently launched a micro-investment platform dedicated to helping micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in Africa get the funding they need to grow and fight poverty in their communities.
Source: allAfrica
May 30Fairtrade Makes Long-Term Loans a Reality
Fairtrade is launching a new fund which will meet producers’ demand for long term loans. The Fairtrade Access Fund will launch in Latin America later in the year and expand into Africa and Asia in a second phase.
Source: Fairtrade Africa
May 30Bangladesh: Microcredit Can Reduce Poverty by 20 per cent in Six Years
Microcredit can reduce poverty by 20 per cent within next 5-6 years if there is no big natural calamity in the country, microcredit operators said Tuesday.
Source: The Financial Express
May 28Sub-Saharan Fund Attains USD 50 m Mark for Its 2nd Anniversary 
The Regional MSME Investment Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa (REGMIFA) has successfully attained the USD 50 million mark reaching more than 112,000 borrowers, 91% of which micro-, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).
Source: Peoples Daily

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