mercredi 15 février 2012

Symbiotics NewsWatch #197, 14 February 2012

Feb. 14China: Shanghai Has Big Plans for Smaller Lenders
Shanghai is encouraging more foreign companies to set up microfinancing operations, the city's financial authority said on Monday, ahead of the opening of the first such organization in the municipality.
Source: China Daily

Feb. 13Peru: IFC Provides $25 Million to Peru’s Financiera Crear to Expand Financing for Micro Enterprises
IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, today signed an agreement that provides the equivalent of $25 million in long-term financing to Peru’s Financiera Creditos Arequipa S.A. to help the company expand financing for micro, small and medium enterprises in low-income and rural areas of the country.
Source: IFC

Feb. 13India: MFIs Not a Way of Making Money Out of Poor: YunusMuhammad Yunus, the Nobel peace prize winner of 2006 and founder of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh, a global model for micro-lending to the poor, on Monday came down heavily on micro-finance companies going public through share issues. He said stock markets or public floats had no place for micro-finance companies, as it destroyed the very essence of micro-credit.
Source: Financial Chronicle
Feb. 13Inter-American Development Bank Fuels Impact Investing in Latin AmericaMore than $110 million of impact investing resources were mobilized by the IDB over the past 18 months to finance profitable projects that bring about social change.
Source: IDB
Feb. 10Microfinance in Bangladesh: It's Not What You ThoughtThe model of microfinance in Bangladesh, as it originated at Grameen Bank, involved tiny loans to women with fixed terms and amounts, group liability, weekly meetings, forced payments into a group savings account, and a set of 16 social pledges chanted each week while standing at attention. The Grameen model spawned imitators around the world, involving a large share of microfinance clients in India, the Philippines and East Africa, among other places.
Source: The Huffington Post

Feb. 10India: Banks Raise Loan Costs for MFIsPublic sector banks have raised the effective interest rate at which they lend money to microfinance institutions (MFIs) to between 15% and 18%, citing higher risks in the sector.

Feb. 07Accessing the Future: Beyond the Traditional Microfinance SpaceIn five years, how will the poor be accessing financial services? If we could step back in time to 2006 with the microfinance sector scaling rapidly across the globe, it would have been hard to imagine that today mobile money users would outstrip all banked individuals in some countries, or that in other countries commercial banks would have overtaken microfinance institution (MFI) outreach to the poor in just a few years.
Source: Center for Financial Inclusion

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