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Symbiotics NewsWatch #194, 24 January 2012

Jan. 24 Development Financial Institutions Continue to Crowd Out Private Investments in Microfinance
MicroRate’s study, ‘Role Reversal Revisited: Are public development institutions still crowding out?’ finds that development financial institutions (DFIs) are actively competing with private microfinance funds – also called microfinance investment vehicles or MIVs – harming the flow of private investment into the microfinance sector.
Source: Microfinance Focus

Jan. 24 Bangladesh: Micro-Credit in Bangladesh Beyond Yunus
The Bangladesh micro-finance sector is regarded as the largest and most efficient in the world. However, the micro-finance industry is now at a crossroads, and to take it to the next trajectory we have to increase our standards of reporting as well as processing, to ensure wider coverage with timely recovery, integrate micro-finance into the mainstream financial system and, in the process, set global standards for others to follow.
Source: The Financial Express

Jan. 23 From Microfinance to Metafinance: A New Tool to Fight Global Poverty Demographic trends in developing countries indicate that demand for access to basic services will only intensify in the years ahead, and metafinance can provide a way for the poor and underserved to partner with local governments and take an active role in improving the health, living standards, and productivity of traditionally marginalized communities. Every little bit helps.
Source: HuffPost

Jan. 22 Oxfam Moves Into Fund World
Oxfam, the anti-poverty charity, is branching out into asset management by launching its first investment fund, which will aim to combine social good with financial returns. The Small Enterprise Impact Investment Fund is a joint initiative between Oxfam GB and Symbiotics, a Swiss microfinance specialist. It will invest in financial intermediaries with a mandate to support small and medium-sized enterprises in Africa and Asia.
Source: The Financial Times

Jan. 22 Microfinance Men Launch Fund Of Funds
Two microfinance veterans are launching one of the first funds of funds to focus on the fast-growing sector. Jack Lowe and Vincent Oswald, formerly of Blue Orchard, a Geneva-based microfinance investment manager, are launching the vehicle under their new Azure Partners label.
Source: The Financial Times

Jan. 19 India: SKS Q3 Loss At Rs 428Cr, Norway’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Buys 1% Stake
SKS Microfinance appears to have a new investor joining the company’s list of backers. The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund – Government Pension Fund Global – figures among the list of prominent shareholders of the company. As per the latest disclosure, the sovereign wealth fund held 1.03 per cent in the microfinance firm as of December 31, 2011.
Source: VC Circle

Jan. 19 Mexico, Indonesia and Haiti Advance Financial Inclusion with Bold Approaches to Account OpeningHow to pursue a policy of access to a bank account for everyone, while at the same time erecting regulatory barriers to the opening of those accounts to prevent their misuse. New-to-banking customers can learn about how to use the account before they are asked to submit to onerous Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations. Banks don’t need to put in place costly KYC processes for customers that are not yet profitable. And law enforcement agencies can get relevant information on accounts commensurate with the risks involved.
Source: Center for Financial Inclusion Blog

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