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Symbiotics NewsWatch #179, 04 October 2011

Symbiotics NewsWatch #179, 04 October 2011

Oct. 03
Microfinance and the Arab Spring: Challenges and Opportunities
Since the beginning of 2011, a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests have been taking place in the Arab world.
Source: CGAP
Sep. 30
Mexico: Maya Declaration Urges Financial Inclusion for World's Unbanked Populations
Central banks and financial regulators from across the developing world today committed to provide their populations with greater access to financial services by signing the Maya Declaration on Financial Inclusion at the conclusion of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion's Global Policy Forum in Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Source: Alliance for Financial Inclusion
Sep. 30
Honduras: IFC Capitalization Fund Invests $70 Million in Ficohsa to Support SMEs
IFC Capitalization Fund signed agreements today to invest $70 million in Banco Financiera Comercial Hondurena, S.A. (Ficohsa), a leading commercial bank in Honduras, to support lending to the country’s small and medium enterprises.
Source: IFC
Sep. 29
India: Share Microfin’s Banks Agree to 12 Billion Rupee Restructuring
Share Microfin Ltd. today said banks including ICICI Bank Ltd. agreed to restructure about 12 billion rupees (USD 245 million) worth of debt and granted a year’s moratorium on repayments.
Source: Bloomberg Businessweek
Sep. 29
Bolivia: Microfinance, A World-Class Performance
Among the Bolivian MFIs, BancoSol was the flagship. It started as Prodem. In 1992, Prodem sought a bank license from the Bolivian authorities and created BancoSol, Latin America’s first private commercial bank exclusively devoted to microenterprises. BancoSol’s example spawned a half dozen similar transformations, creating a commercial microfinance sector.
Source: ReVista
Sep. 29
India: Private Equity open Taps for Microfinance again
The lull seems to be over. After spending a nine-month hibernation after the Andhra Pradesh MFI crisis, leading private equity (PE) players are again on the prowl to make a fortune in the country's micro finance space as the sector is crawling back to normalcy.
Source: The Economic Times
Sep. 28
Africa: USAID and Impact Investors Capitalize new Equity Fund for East African Agribusinesses
Impact investors, together with the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), today announced a first-of-its-kind effort to invest USD 25 million of commercial capital with the only private investment manager in sub-Saharan Africa focused exclusively on growing small and medium-sized enterprises in the agriculture sector.
Source: MarketWatch

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