mercredi 12 octobre 2011

MIX Launches Premium Services and Upgrades MIX Market!

MIX announce the launch of MIX Silver, the first of a series of premium, fee-based services designed to better meet the business needs of  users while furthering the mission of promoting financial inclusion and fostering transparency in the microfinance sector.

MIX Silver offers users a larger data set, more expansive fact base, and advanced analytical tools designed to meet business needs for timely, informed insight into MFIs and their markets. The new Silver offering includes all of the benefits of MIX Basic services, while adding the ability to create a personalized dashboard to track real-time movements in MFI positions and microfinance markets; build and track MFI portfolios using powerful tools for drill-down analysis; access enhanced benchmarking and aggregation tools; and utilize all interim and annual data for more than 2,000 MFIs in the MIX database.

In addition to launching MIX Silver, MIX has upgraded its MIX Market website ( to improve users' online experience and simplify their use of MIX's publicly available microfinance market data. The upgraded site makes it easier for ALL  users to: view  global microfinance data covering approximately 2000 MFIs, use recently enhanced tools for data analytics, and get up-to-date market intelligence for more than 100 countries

Visit to explore the improved website and learn more about MIX Silver!

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