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Symbiotics NewsWatch #176, 13 September 2011

Symbiotics NewsWatch #176, 13 September 2011
Sep. 12
Nigeria: Seven Fundamental Flaws with Microfinance Banking
It was obvious from the beginning. Only just that the regulators and operators were not humble enough to accept it, that the framework for microfinance banking in Nigeria is faulty and cannot achieve its objectives.
Source: Vanguard
Sep. 10
Impact Investing: Happy Returns. The Birth of a Virtuous New Asset Class
"Backing someone to live,” is how Leapfrog Investment’s first deal is described by Jim Roth, the co-founder of the “profit with purpose” private-equity firm.
Source: The Economist
Sep. 08
Nicaragua’s Microfinance Crisis: Is It Winding Down?
It seems like it is too good to be true, but the “No Pago” Movement leaders have agreed to have their members individually negotiate with MFIs the restructuring of their loans.
Source: The Center for Financial Inclusion
Sep. 07
Middle East: Microfinancing is poised to make its Impact in the Region
The distance of time has always come in handy when it comes to having a perspective on events. Much the same can be said of trends as well.
Source: Gulf News
Sep. 06
Pakistan: Microfinance Sector Confronting Challenges
The Microfinance sector in Pakistan is facing multiple internal and external challenges, despite due importance from the government.
Source: Pakistan Today
Sep. 06
El Salvador: IDB Closes $19 Million Syndicated Loan with Impact Investors to Revamp Municipal Markets
The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has closed a $19 million syndicated loan with three impact investors to support a new credit facility that will finance the revamping of municipal marketplaces in El Salvador.
Source: IDB

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